Have you ever wondered, how much easier would it be in your life, if you had the skills to convince people around you, to join you willingly, even with pleasure and with the intent to help you to achieve your goals?

In NVC training with the great Deborah Bellamy from the NVC Academy…

I am sure, that you might be surprised, that such a thing is even possible. You might be even more surprised, that it is indeed and the strategy to attain this skill is simpler than you might think . . . On one hand… On the other hand however, the most difficult is the part, that requires, from you, I mean from your own deepest self, that it really wishes to do that… After that decision is made, the next step is quite simple… All one needs, is to become like a Giraffe… Dod you know, that Giraffe is a mammal with the greatest heart of all species? The idea, tha one has to become like the mammal with the greatest heart , is one of the greatest and most effective concepts of Non Violent Communication (NVC) .. .