I was born in former Czechoslovakia with a great “Bohemian” history and tradition . . .

I guess somewhere there are the roots of my passion for exploration and creativity….

To satisfy my couriosity, I have studied theoretical physics.

To satisfy my creaving for selfexpression and competition, I was also competing in dancing. I have started in Czechoslovakia and later I continued in, Germany, UK and in the USA..

While in the USA I was also working for technology company – Redkoh Industries Inc, developing software for micropreocessors that they produced.

I have also studied dance production and scenic dance choreography of course, under the tutelage of Loretta Fois and Randy James at RVCC in Branchburg/NJ.

In 2006 I was even awarded New Jersey Engineering/Technician Scholarship from The Research and Development Council of New Jersey, for developing music streaming using Java and cloud networking, technologies, that are commonly used in today’s world of smart phones and handheld devices.
It was also in the USA, when where my teaching methods shown tohave positive effect in recovery of one of my students after Lyme disease (Read full story ). I was slao working a I also studied computer science, mathematics and dance production in New Jersey at USA at RVCC Branchburg/NJ.

If you are interested, you can find more about my exciting life as a professional dancer at

It was while I was working as a coach for competitive couples, where I found great deal of experience and inspiration for my further study how I could contribute to improve life of people and to help them to improve their communication skills and ultimatelly also to increase their chances to build healthy relationships.