There is big construction going on and Big Tree was cut down. It reminded me of Johnny Cash’s version of epic song titled “hurt“… I am wondering, how the Big Cut Tree would want to change the lyrics, if it was asked to sing its version of “hurt”.

It’s a Beautiful Day!

Well, I too notice shining Sun and bright light poking in my eyes. No doubt, it feels better on sunny days. Hower, I know bunch of people, who prefer dark sky and rain, or who are trying to escape from the sunshine in depth of the subway. How about you? What is it what do you prefer?


Everything is digital these days.

Everything is digital data. The smallest pieces of digital information are quantized fields. How lucky we are, that all that qbits are hidden from our eyes. We are very fortunate, that all we can see, is the big picture of all that. The meaning, that the digital information has just for us.